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Fostering Stigma-Free Communication — Your Solution for a Positive Workplace Culture

Stigma poses a formidable barrier to addressing mental ill health, preventing individuals from reporting their struggles and hindering the creation of psychologically safe workplaces. This workshop delves into the critical task of confronting and eliminating stigma in the workplace. By tackling this fundamental issue, organisations can establish a safe culture where employees feel secure reporting both personal and work-related concerns.

When stigma persists, employees grappling with mental health challenges endure heightened suffering, disengagement becomes prevalent, innovative potential diminishes, and the overall productivity and safety of the business are compromised.

Join us in reshaping your workplace for a healthier, more engaged, and innovative future.


Course Audience

Tailored for leaders across your organisation, from leading hands to officers, this workshop is crafted to educate and empower your business leadership. Through a focus on understanding stigma and promoting appropriate language, this course becomes a pivotal step in advancing towards the creation of a truly psychologically safe workplace.


  • Increased Productivity: Cultivate a more efficient and focused work environment.

  • Increased Consultation: Encourage open dialogue and collaboration.

  • More Reporting of Psychosocial Hazards: Promote a proactive approach to identifying and addressing workplace challenges.

  • Open Communication: Foster a culture of transparency and effective communication.

  • Increased Engagement: Enhance employee involvement and commitment.

  • Less Turnover: Improve staff retention and reduce turnover.

  • A Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture: Establish an environment that prioritises mental well-being.

  • Increased Safety Maturity: Elevate the overall safety awareness and practices within the organisation.

  • Lower Absenteeism: Minimise the impact of unplanned employee absences.

  • A Better Workplace for All Employees: Contribute to a positive and inclusive work atmosphere for everyone.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the Main Types of Stigma: Explore the three primary types of stigma and their profound effects on individuals.

  • Detect Stigma within Policies and Procedures: Develop the ability to recognise and address stigma embedded in organisational policies and procedures.

  • Effectively Address Stigma as a Leader: Learn practical strategies to confront and eliminate stigma from a leadership perspective.

  • Understand the Impact of Stigma on Mental Health: Gain insights into the detrimental effects of stigma on individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

  • Navigate Conversations on Stigmatising Language: Acquire the skills to engage in open and constructive dialogues around the use of stigmatising language.

  • Comprehend PCBU Responsibilities: Understand the responsibilities of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) in fostering a stigma-free environment.

  • Champion Psychologically Safe Workplaces: Grasp the principles and practices involved in creating and maintaining psychologically safe workplaces.

Embark on this enriching educational experience, equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools to foster an inclusive, stigma-free workplace culture.


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